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Evrenay Construction & Engineering & Architecture  was established in 2006, not by ordinary people, who don't have any expertise in construction, but by individuals, who learned this trait, a team of young and dynamic engineers and architects. Evrenay Construction set it as a goal to bring construction projects alive and, above all, build fitting for humans as well as environmentally friendly buildings, thus being sucessful in many construction projects.

With this mentality, our company was founded and did not hesitate to continue in the way we stand behind every project, implementing a "guarantee system", an unusual practice in the construction sector. Within our company's guarantee scope of the system, general and individual buildings are waiting to be sold as residential apartments with the end of the building offers apartments for sale with warranty.

Qualified contsructions of Evrenay Construction is the principle of the company. This principle requires that the project will be delivered according to the planned schedule, budget, and quality. The confidence of our suppliers and that the confience we give to our customers is our company's most important mission.

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